In the Kitchen… Foods to Give You a January Boost!

January often sees us change what we eat after the excesses of the previous month. But rather than just taking things off our plates, why not choose foods that give us a boost!

It is natural to want to change what we eat come January 1st and the start of the new year seems to be a signal to many of us to reflect on our lifestyles. But rather than cutting out certain foods to reach your health goals why not focus on filling your plate with better-for-you foods that will help you feel your best and reach your health goals. Here we look at two.

1. Oranges

Perhaps an obvious choice, and especially in January there is a reason dietitians recommend eating Oranges. It’s because freshly harvested food is at its peak when it comes to nutrition and flavour. In the winter months, citrus fruit, like oranges, are readily available and incredibly delicious.

Sunshine fruit – That bright burst of sweet orange tastes just like warm sunshine, and, according to studies, that’s enough to brighten your mood by itself!

Supercharged nutrition – Oranges are a natural source of folate and thiamine. Also, citrus foods, like oranges, have a unique plant compound called hesperidin, which has been shown to support blood pressure health.

Vitamin C – Oranges are a great way to get this key nutrient that promotes a healthy immune system. And since winter is cold and flu season, grabbing an orange is a delicious way to get a little extra immune support!

Juice and more – Why not use them in pasta sauces instead of lemons? Why not spruce up a salad with some chopped segments along with the lettuce and tomato? Why not make a healthy fruit salad dessert and enjoy with plain yoghurt?

2. Mushrooms

Maybe not as obvious as oranges as a January boosting superfood, but humans have been eating mushrooms for thousands of years for a few very good reasons.

Lower cholesterol – because mushrooms are a great source of beta-glucan, a type of soluble fibre that has been shown to help decrease LDL cholesterol and total blood cholesterol levels, they are so good for you and an excellent food for a January boost.

Vitamin D – this is called the sunshine vitamin, as we get most of this nutrient from exposure to sunlight. Some mushrooms are loaded with Vitamin D. They are the perfect January food when the days are short and nights long.

Versatile and tasty – there is so much you can do with mushrooms so why not make fungi your friend this January! Try roasting them with balsamic and Parmesan cheese or baking them in a savoury casserole or by just stirring them into a comforting pasta dinner, you cannot go wrong with this delicious, nutritious ingredient that is a perfect January boosting food.

Oranges and mushrooms are just two vitamin loaded, nutritious and tasty foods that are great for giving us a January boost. New Year, New You!

Rob Bullock
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