Chanting Stork Yoga – Yoga For All

Chanting Stork Yoga – Yoga for all

The meaning of the word ‘yoga’ is union and that’s exactly what yoga is, a fully integrated practice of your body, mind and breath.  Life has so many demands and pressures and in today’s society we are constantly racing against time that we forget to slow down and simply breathe.

At Chanting Stork Yoga Becky’s classes have been developed specifically to help people slow down, balance and breathe. Our breath has a direct effect on our energy and vitality and improving our breathing separates yoga from other fitness practices.

Becky values and understands the importance of finding space and reconnecting so there’s always an element of mindfulness through the movement. Even in the more invigorating and dynamic vinyasa flow classes there’s an element of quietening the mind so you can release stress and fatigue.
Tuning in with how we are on the inside has a direct affect with how we deal with life on the outside and that is when yoga becomes more than just a fitness class as we can take yoga off the mat and into our lives, for life. The union, connecting your inner to your outermost being through a yoga class that will engage your body, breath and mind. Whether you are a more seasoned yogi or a total beginner everyone is most welcome.

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