Bring More Gratitude into your Life

Bring More Gratitude into your Life

How can having a gratitude practice help during times of austerity or when you’ve had the rug pulled from under your feet and are treading water merely trying to survive? Surely NOW is not the time to be grateful, I hear you say.

If you are open and ready to bring this powerful and uplifting outlook into your life, with your hands on your heart, repeat these mantras (or perhaps create a mantra more relevant to your life) throughout your week and feel the vibrational energy entering your being. Here are some other tips to get started on cultivating a daily attitude of gratitude:

1. Keep a journal by your bed. Each morning – Write a list of 3 new things you are grateful for. At the end of the day another 3 things that you were grateful for, scientific research also shows this is a great aid towards a good night’s sleep.

2. Use your journal to make a note of people who have inspired, helped and/ or supported you. Make a note to send them a ‘thank you’.

3. Make a gratitude board and get the whole family involved, it can be quite enjoyable to see what others are grateful for and perhaps how you can be an influence on raising vibrations of those you love.

Ultimately gratitude practice reminds us we are being loved and cared for and that we are enough, we have enough to live a beautiful life.

Article written by Chanting Stork Yoga