Royston Choral Society… The Magic of Music

The Magic of Music

As the Royston Choral Society celebrates 50 years of performing fine music, two basses from the choir – Neil Sykes and Steve Richards – share their thoughts on the power of music in their lives.

Neil Sykes

“I didn’t grow up listening to classical music, other than what we were taught at school. Mostly I liked chart music, but through teenage peer pressure I started listening to what is now called “prog rock” and kept my preference for the music of Saturday Night Fever to myself…

My musical tastes still vary. I listen to classical, jazz and popular music depending on my mood. Since retiring in September last year, I’ve had more time to sit around listening to music. This isn’t always popular domestically, but I still have my work room!” Neil

Steve Richards

“When busy life is bearing down and you want to cocoon yourself away for a little while, there is nothing as comforting as falling back on a familiar and favourite piece of music.

But on other occasions, it is wonderfully enriching when a chance encounter sets you on a trail of uncovering something new.” Steve

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