Community News: The Honest Fig – A Cheese Connoisseur’s Delight by Clive Porter

The quantity of retail business openings in Royston is, happily, bucking the somewhat stagnant National trend and the town centre is bouncing back to life after a decade of decline.

The Honest Fig Royston Linda O’Sullivan proudly displays cheese

Although it is not strictly true that the latest incumbent is entirely new to Royston, due to the fact that she has been trading twice weekly on the Market for some time, but has now taken up permanent residence in the Corn Exchange, just across the street.

It was in 2021 that Linda O’Sullivan noticed there was no cheese stall on a Saturday on the town’s market and, after approaching Rob, the Market Manager decided to take up a trial of six weeks to see if her idea would be successful. The initial planned period with a single pitch turned into two years with a double area of space and a regular following of loyal customers, and the Honest Fig, a take off of the character from ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ was born.

Enthusiastic Linda said “I’ve always enjoyed a passion for good food, and I’ve always loved cheese, but I never thought that I would be lucky enough to start my own small business. My dream became a reality when I opened my cheese retail store in the wonderful Royston Corn Exchange. We couldn’t believe the wonderful reception that the local population bestowed on us, with queues stretching across the courtyard of the historic building. Our shop is full of good luck and congratulatory cards from customers.”

The majority of Linda’s stock are handmade artisan cheeses and she has even met a number of her product’s makers. She proudly indicates across her counter to be selling seven items from Ireland, as well as Spanish, Italian, French, and Swiss creations.

“Not only do I select cheeses from across the world but I also ensure that I have a range of popular delicious British products such as fruity and tangy St. Andrews Cheddar from Scotland, to the traditional Colston Basset Stilton. I like customers to feel at home when they are selecting my wares and I will often suggest new ideas to them. Even though we have only been open a short time the feedback that we have been receiving is very positive”, stated an excited Linda.

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Article by Clive Porter