Sport Around & About: Breeze Cycling

Breeze Ride Returns from Barkway

Breezing into an active lifestyle

Fancy feeling fit and healthy without having to slog away at the gym? Breeze bike rides might just be the answer for you.

British Cycling’s Breeze is the biggest programme ever to get more women into riding bikes for fun. Organised by female British Cycling Breeze Champions, the free rides take place all year round and are ideal for women looking to get back on a bike, trying cycling for the first time or regular cyclists wanting to meet new people whilst enjoying the outdoors.
The Royston Breeze Team offers regular rides leaving from Royston and the surrounding villages. We have been providing Breeze rides in the local area since 2012, starting with one ride a month and we are now able to offer regular weekly rides. To support this increasing popularity we have tripled the number of active Breeze Champions in the area and increased the starting locations.

Finiching at the Belle in Bassingbourn

Melanie Downie, a local Breeze champion said, “Breeze bike rides are perfect for helping to increase fitness in a fun, social way whilst enjoying the outdoors. We have a variety of rides available to suit all abilities and many of our participants are now regular cyclists, once daunted by 10 miles, now looking forward to a hilly 30 miles. Nobody ever gets left behind; all rides go at a pace that suits all.”

Meleanie Downie

If you would like more information or to register on a ride please email, find us on Facebook at Royston Breeze or visit