Shriek! The Barkway Musical

Shriek! The Barkway Musical

A pantomime group in Barkway marks a significant milestone this year.

The Barkway Players have performed a village pantomime every year since 1993, with the exception of 2021. The event raises money for Barkway Village Hall, where it is performed.

This year’s offering is called Shriek! The Musical and promises ghoulies, ghosties and monsters, alongside the usual collection of songs and terrible jokes. “Horror is a genre we haven’t yet visited,” says Edwin Kilby, the show’s music director who also plays Dr Frankenstein. “And it’s certainly a show with spirit!”

Edwin promises that the panto isn’t very scary really, and the ghouls are actually quite friendly. “It’s a show fit for the whole family where anything … ghost!”

Shriek! the Musical will be performed at Barkway Village Hall on Friday 3rd February at 8pm, and Saturday 4th February at 2pm and 8pm. Tickets are on sale now – visit or call 01763 797447