News From Royston Vets: Keep Your Pets Active

Royston Vets: Keep Your Pets Active

Joint problems are very common in dogs and cats and can even affect young animals, significantly affecting their day to day life. As pets age, wear and tear in the joints can dramatically reduce mobility and cause joint pain. Excessive wear and tear can also be caused by inherited conditions such as hip dysplasia and injuries such as cruciate ligament damage. Another condition your pets can get is Osteoarthritis which is a progressive disease which affects bone and cartilage usually in mid to old aged animals, although young and growing animals can also suffer, with different breeds and sizes affected in different ways. Sometimes joints can become swollen or warm and your pet may bite at irritating painful joints. Cats may groom themselves less because they are sore. Fluid pressure within the joint can also increase the pain. That’s why both people and animals experience increased joint stiffness and pain in bad weather – it’s not the cold or wet, but a drop in atmospheric pressure that allows the joint tissues to swell, causing stiffness and discomfort. There are many different ways to help aid joint mobility in your pets. Exercise management – Dietary manipulation – Physiotherapy/hydrotherapy – Pharmaceuticals – Joint supplements

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