Royston Parish Church

Royston Parish Church

Since our last update work has been continuing at a pace on both Phase 2 and the final phase of the restoration/refurbishment (Phase 3). The former is almost complete with work required on the arch, as previously reported, expected to be finished by the end of October. This is slightly later than anticipated due to additional work required and the difficulty in sourcing the stone.

In the meantime work on Phase 3 has continued with the higher level areas virtually complete. This will then allow the scaffolding throughout the church, other than the tower, to be removed by mid to end of October. Work on the lower levels, including on the under floor heating and the replacement of the floor will then commence.
The work at high level has also involved the renewal of electrical wiring for the new energy-efficient LED lighting as well as wiring for both the new audio/visual system and the new digital organ.

A relatively short delay occurred when, during the removal of old fire damaged plaster, a number of medieval paintings were discovered at the top of the wall in the North Aisle. These were on the surface of stone blocks which had been used to carry out repairs many years ago. Although totally random and with no connection with each other it was necessary for them to be conserved and recorded prior to any current repairs being carried out. This work has now been completed but unfortunately, although the records and pictures will be available to view, the paintings themselves will not be visible.

As we have previously reported all of this refurbishment does not come without a significant cost. Whilst we have received considerable support from the community of Royston we do have a long way to go. Further fundraising is planned in the coming months. Anyone wishing to support the refurbishment of the church can do so either through donation or through the “Sponsor a Chair” scheme.

This latter scheme has been well supported with donations received in excess £38,000, the equivalent of 152 chairs which is over half way towards our target of 250. Information on the fundraising schemes can be found on our website at To date in addition to the chair scheme we have received donations of around £65,000 and grants of nearly £30,000.

On the worship front we are now offering two services on a Sunday with a said Eucharist at 9am and a sung Eucharist at 10.15am. Since the beginning of September we have moved our services from the Town Hall to Icknield Walk First School. This has enabled us to increase the congregation from 30 to 40 to satisfy demand. We are grateful to the school for allowing us to use their premises.

There does, however, remain a booking system the details of which can be found on the website. We continue to live stream the 10.15am service on our Youtube channel.
Although there is still some way to go we are looking forward with excitement to seeing the work completed when we will have a modern, welcoming and friendly place for the community of Royston as well the restoration of our beautiful house of prayer.

Please continue to visit where you will find information on how to support the church through donation as well as progress on the building works and details of all upcoming services.