The Fall of the Barley Flower Tower

The Fall of the Barley Flower Tower

All good things must come to an end. The Barley Flower Tower has made many people smile over the past 3 months and drawn visitors to the village from far and wide. It has survived the weather that this summer has thrown at us and was severely challenged by Storm Evert. The Bell Tower captain and Steeple keeper have hoisted part of the netting of flowers to the top of the tower and stitched it back together on three occasions and yet it still remained a beacon of hope in the centre of the village.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported the Flower Tower throughout !

This community project has been an inspiration to others who are now planning their own flower towers. We have had confirmation of similar projects being worked on in Australia, Philadelphia, London Colney and much closer to home in Royston, so keep your eye on Royston Church to see what happens!

Barley will be celebrating Harvest Festival on Sunday 3rd October and the following week all the flowers will be removed. But it is not the end of the story…we will be having a cut up day and cutting the nets of flowers into pieces and selling them for £25 per metre. We already have five interested parties who intend to hank their pieces of Flower Tower memorabilia in Summer houses, shepherds huts, on the outside of garden sheds. Other suggestions have been for a backdrop for Photo booths at weddings and parties, a flower wall inside a marquee or to decorate the library at a nursery school. What would you do with a metre or two of woolly flowers on a net?

If you would like to buy a piece of Barley Flower tower please contact or via
The Just giving page will remain open for donations until the end of October