Royston Parish Church Update

With the church finally cleared of the debris from the fire, tenders are now being sought for the re-instatement phase of the process. In the meantime, we are now aware that, following detailed examination, the bells will all have to be re-cast.  This will involve the melting down of the damaged bells and using the metal to mould new ones.

Structural engineers are assessing the damage and internal scaffolding is being erected in the nave to determine how badly the roof timbers have been affected by the fire.

At the same time discussions with our architects are ongoing with the aim of determining what is required in order to re-create the beautiful iconic place of worship at the heart of the community in Royston.

Perhaps the biggest decision taken has been to permanently remove the wooden pews. This was driven mainly by the fact that many of them were damaged as a result of the water used to extinguish the fire as well as the debris falling from the roof. This will, as part of the re-ordering process, lead to a much more flexible space within the church and open up the building to a number of projects not only within the church but also in the wider community. As a result of this decision we sought to obtain a faculty (permission) from the diocese which was given by the Chancellor of the Diocese without any conditions attached. We are now entering a period of detailed research into what will be the most appropriate form of seating to replace the pews and provide the greatest flexibility for the building for the future.

We continue to receive donations and generous support from the community with two major events to mention. Firstly, the recent concert given by Alison Balsam and her Ensemble at the opening of the Royston Arts Festival and secondly the upcoming Rotary Club’s Swimathon the proceeds from both will be going to the Church Refurbishment Fund.

We do, of course, remain most grateful to all concerned.


If you have any questions, please speak to our Church Warden, Nick Hindle: 01763 324325 or Treasurer, Phil Burchell: 01763 848937