Royston Heath Conservation

Royston Heath Conservation

How do you tell poisonous mushrooms apart from the edible ones?
You give them to someone else to eat first!
(Warning: do not eat the fungi or mushrooms you find please!)

Fungi on Therfield Heath
This time of year we are saying goodbye to the majority of the wild flowers on the Heath and the trees are displaying the final colours of Autumn. Now we might need to look a little harder for some amazing visual nature amongst all the brown and green. A really underrated aspect of the ecosystem is Fungi, with a huge variety found in the UK, you can find some real gems this time of year.

Fungi being saprotrophs play a role in the process of decomposition of dead remains of other organisms eg dead animal bodies, dead herbaceous or woody plants or waste products like fecal matter, fallen leaves or dead wood pieces. Fungi break down the dead organic matter and return vital nutrients on the soil. Without fungi, nutrients would not be cycled through ecosystem leading to breakdown of food chain. Please see below some examples found on the Heath.

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