Royston First BID Celebrates Landslide Victory with 87% ‘YES’ Vote

Royston First Business Improvement District (BID) received overwhelming support from the town’s business community with 87% voting YES to support another five-year term. 

The resounding support from the business community comes as a testament to the pivotal role Royston First BID has played in fostering a thriving local business environment over the past 15 years. The overwhelming majority in favour of the ‘YES’ vote highlights the community’s recognition of the value and impact of Royston First BID’s initiatives.

“We are delighted and deeply grateful for the overwhelming support from our business community. The 87% ‘YES’ vote reflects a shared commitment to the prosperity and vibrancy of Royston,” expressed Paul Brown, Manager of Royston First BID.

Royston First BID has been a driving force behind numerous projects since its formation in 2009. These initiatives have ranged from organising flagship events like the annual Christmas Lights Switch-On and children’s trails to enhancing communication within the business community through various channels such as social media, emails, and a dedicated WhatsApp group.

The BID levy fund has further enabled impactful schemes, including the Free After Three and free scratch card parking, which have gained widespread popularity among businesses in the town centre and industrial estate.

Reflecting on the challenges faced by Royston in recent times, Mr Brown stated, “The pandemic, the rise of online shopping, and the current cost-of-living crisis have presented unprecedented challenges. The BID has proven its agility in responding to these changes, and as we look ahead, we have exciting projects lined up.”

The recently developed five-year business plan, shaped in consultation with BID members, aims to address business owners’ priorities and challenges. The plan will guide the BID’s activities for the next term, ensuring continued positive impacts on the local business landscape.

Included in these plans are smart radios, a Shopsafe App scheme and digital signage and summer decorations in the town centre.

The BID Ballot, closing on November 30, was a crucial juncture for Royston’s business community. Only a ‘YES!’ vote ensured the continuation of ongoing projects and the improvement of Royston through a fourth consecutive five-year term.

Mr Brown emphasised, “Without the BID, all the services provided will cease to exist. Now, Royston First BID will be able to commit to another five years working with businesses for a better Royston.”

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