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Are you involved with an organisation which is looking for interesting and informative talks?

CPRE Hertfordshire is a campaigning charity whose mission is to protect, promote and enhance the Hertfordshire countryside, working across the county to stand up for our countryside and green spaces.

Some of the things the charity works to do include: promoting the benefits of the countryside and our natural environment to everyone, wherever they live; raising awareness of the Hertfordshire countryside as a vital space for health and wellbeing; encouraging care of our chalk streams, woodlands, fields and hedgerows to help protect landscapes and wildlife.

One of the ways they do this is by offering a variety of interesting talks on the following topics:

  • Why we need to protect the countryside – CPRE Hertfordshire’s role
  • Exploring Rural Hertfordshire – a walk along the Hertfordshire Way
  • Following the Swan – a walk of discovery down the Lea Valley
  • A Recent History of Hertfordshire – and how CPRE continues to campaign to protect the countryside
  • A Tour of some Churches in Rural Hertfordshire
  • Countryside Close to Home – some wildlife in a Hertfordshire garden, and how to attract wildlife to any garden

CPRE can adjust the length of any talk to suit the requirements of any meeting.  Many talks are illustrated with PowerPoint slides and the speaker can bring a projector; a screen or white wall in your meeting place, is preferable however a screen can be provided if needed.

Being a charity, donations are asked: which helps to support CPRE’s work in the county. 

For more information or to make a booking, please email:
To find out more about CPRE Hertfordshire visit: