Royston Baby and Toddler Show

Royston Baby and Toddler Show

Last year, Royston’s annual baby and toddler event, Royston Baby and Toddler Show, took place at King James Academy, just before the nation went into lockdown.
This year, the organisers are set to share some of the area’s pregnancy to preschool experts and local businesses, in a virtual show.

The Virtual Royston Baby & Toddler Show will take place on Saturday 13th March 2021 on Facebook, running from 10am to 2pm. Facebook users can watch the event live, from the comfort and safety of their own homes, by joining the show via the Facebook group ‘Royston Baby & Toddler Show Online 2021’.

Co-organiser, Clare Williams, says “Parents will be able to access four hours of live talks, interactive sessions and retail! We’re excited that the show will continue to provide a platform for small, local businesses to showcase their products and services, at a time when families particularly need help and support.
Jane and I made the decision to run the show online, very quickly, as we feel very passionate about reaching out and supporting new parents in these difficult circumstances”.

The virtual exhibitors will include the likes of; Dance Matters, Oliiki, NCT, Yoga, Baby Massage, In Stitches, Ubere Mama, Royston Private Midwife, Arbonne, Sling Me Clarefully, Breeze Birthing and many more.

For more information about the event, including information on the exhibitors and talks on the day, visit their Facebook page @RoystonBabyShow  and FB group page @RoystonBaby&ToddlerShowOnline2021
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