Home Schooling Heroes

Home Schooling Heroes

If home schooling parents could be a superhero, I think we would be very impressed with the superpowers we have all mustered over the last two months. So, if like me, home schooling has tested some of these superpowers and your sanity then please don’t feel alone! I can freely admit that after one month of home schooling, I was, let’s say a little tearful and overwhelmed.

Gina Gomez, a fellow parent and clinical psychologist, reminded me that we are not alone but also that is OK to want the head space and time out, in fact it’s actually healthy. Her number one tip to help your child and family’s mental health, was to actually look after yourself and make sure that you prioritise getting the breaks, taking time out and collecting yourself, and I have to say, I completely agree. In fact, how can we be the pillars of love, acceptance and support for our dependants, if we are not looking after ourselves? Kindness and love are emotions that we all have inside of us and don’t cost a penny but it’s a well that needs to be replenished.

So, let’s think about that a bit.

If it’s five mins or 30, or an hour or a day; stopping, switching off, downing tools so you can get some space and perhaps change your own internal dialogue, to shift your perspective into a more positive state via a consideration or affirmation is time well spent. Replenish your inner well and sometimes when others are demanding you to put on a cape and save the day the best thing to do is hit pause and take a break.

Article written by Chanting Stork Yoga and Movement.