Out & About: Christmas Events & Shop Locally…

Out & About: Christmas Events & Shop Locally… 

December is here – and the theme for us this year is #TheRoystonPromise – to shop locally this Christmas and support our local retailers. You will find many gift ideas and a full directory of shops based in Royston Town Centre who will all be so appreciative of your custom.

The big news for December is the reopening of Royston Parish Church, and the welcome return of their Christmas services in this wonderful environment. Whether a church-goer or not, we are sure that you will agree that the Parish Church is an iconic building and a part of our heritage that we are so grateful to see return to its new glory. We are sure that the Christmas services – and the tree where you can hang a bauble in memory of your loved ones – will be very well visited this Christmas.

We hope that you enjoy the very many Christmas events that are taking place this year, our pages and What’s On section are full of so many local events, many returning for the first time in three years. We are delighted to see that our community is thriving and growing back bigger and stronger than ever. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, take the time to reflect on the past years and enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

What’s On During December

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