Mindful Living – Welcome September

Mindful Living – Welcome September

September, the month of changing colours, seasons, and routines. A month which honours wellbeing with ‘Mindfulness Day’ on the 12th September and natures path with an ‘Autumn Equinox’ on the 23rd September.

Aren’t we lucky to live in a Country that still has such a clear seasonal shift, we just need notice the leaves changing colour and blackberries blooming, to remind us of the continual impermanence of it all and just how change brings stimulation and aliveness within all around us.

Use this time to begin restoring your immune system with routines that help blend the season and move into a place of equanimity, a time where energies of light and dark are held in balance.

Blending the path is easier than you think, just as the tree’s let go of their leaves we can let go of things that are weighing us down. Being more mindful can help us do exactly this, so here are some ways to help celebrate ‘Mindfulness Day’ and bring some balance into life this month:

• Set aside some time during the day to unplug and mediate – even if only for a few minutes, breathing deeply while acknowledging and releasing your thoughts can help calm your nerves and relax your body and mind.
• Take a yoga or meditation class, ok I am bias here but it’s a great invest in yourself and if you haven’t tried the slower side of yoga in your practice, I urge you to give it a go!
• Find a book that you can dive into, perhaps one that takes you on a journey of discovery or encourages you to improve your life. I highly recommend a book called ‘Breath’ by James Nestor, I couldn’t put it down, it’s a fantastic accessible read and it really resonated with so much of the way that I teach, and it will form much of the base of my practice in these coming autumnal months
• Attend a yoga retreat – Have a look at www.chantingstorkyoga.com for my autumn equinox retreat day near Royston which is an easy accessible day of movement, nourishing food and mindful harp therapy.

As the earth spins around the sun, and autumn equinox honours this seasonal shift, use this month to honour yourself, your time, your space…

Namaste, Becky x

Experienced Yoga Teacher, Chanting Stork Yoga
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