Meridians Men’s Keep Fit Club

Meridians Men’s Keep Fit Club – Our Club provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for adult and mature men to keep fit, exercise and play.

Meet weekly on Monday evenings from 7.30-9.30pm in the gymnasium at King James Academy in Royston (formerly Meridian school) and follow a well-tried session, including warm-up, basketball, circuit training, football and volleyball, with occasional ventures into tennis and other outdoor activities during the school summer holidays.

Those attending the class range from their 30’s to 60’s and everybody exercises to their own comfort level. The sport is for fun as well as for keeping fit, and while it can be competitive, it is very easygoing and certainly tries to avoid injuries!

You don’t have to be particularly good at sports, there is a range of abilities, but everyone just gets on and enjoys it.

The club now has openings for new members, preferably but not necessarily in the age range 30 to 50.  In order to have the appropriate number of people for the games, they do like members to attend very regularly.

So if you want to keep fit whilst having fun, please find out more by visiting Meridian Men’s Keep Fit Club, on Facebook.
You can also email, or call 07772 228 781 for more details.