Looking After You: New Years Resolutions

Setting goals instead of resolutions this New Year…

Setting a New Years resolution is a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something not so good on the first day of the year. When you break this down it can feel very exciting but also very daunting making such a commitment for the next 365 days. Are we setting ourselves up for failure? The last few years I decided to set goals to achieve in several areas of my life rather then just one strict resolution. Usually I begin the process of making notes for what goals I want to achieve, I break them down into categories of work, personal and health. Listing things I would like to see be achieved in these areas of my life and then see if they would realistically happen before the end of the year. Once I have an idea of what goals I would like to set I may add a time in the year ahead of when I would like this to be achieved.
Beginning the year this way means you can revisit your list of goals every time you feel you need some direction and this way you are setting realistic expectations upon yourself with a whole year to work towards them rather than instantly expecting to find perfection from day one and sustain for the next 12 months.

Kim Fletcher