Looking After You… New Year Resolutions or a New Mindset?

Looking After You… New Year Resolutions or a New Mindset?

It is that time of year again when reality begins to set in after the festive period and a new year has begun. Some people can feel like it is a time filled with opportunities but for others, it can feel a time full of dread and expectations.

I find new year resolutions don’t really work, the idea that I “have” to change or stop something so that the year ahead can be more positive seems unrealistic. So for me, I decided to embrace a new mindset at this time of year. Focusing more on the good things in our lives rather than the negative can give these parts of our lives chance to blossom. Simply by changing your perception towards an idea can change your feeling towards it too.

• Saving Money – whether you are saving for a rainy day or for a big event like buying a house or getting married. Rather than focusing on the “having” to save money part focusing on the goal can make all the hard work now worthwhile so that the future is more joyful.

• Healthy Lifestyle – we have all been there, after the indulgence of Christmas we vow to be healthier, eat less and exercise more. This pressure quickly feels overwhelming and sooner or later becomes a chore. Start small, aim to change one thing every couple of days, drink more water, eat one less snack, do a few more steps then build it up over weeks then months to form a lifestyle. Your body and mind is the most important thing that you own, looking after it can feel empowering and can give us a new outlook on life.

• Quitting Habits – we all have those things that maybe we should live without and this becomes a never ending battle in trying to give up all of a sudden. Researching into why it could be that you enjoy this habit so much is a great place to begin in changing your mindset to reducing or quitting. When we are habitually doing something usually it’s because we have a certain perception towards it or towards ourselves, so attempting to uncover that reason may give you the drive you need to change.

Happy New Year from me, I wish you all the peace for 2022.
Kim Fletcher