Looking After You: De-Stress Your Easter Holidays / Isolation

Over the last few decades, the word ‘stress’ has become a part of everyday language. It is the top psychological concern in todays modern world, according to recent medical studies and it is also the biggest danger to our health. So, let’s see how we can reduce the stress in our lives.

Try Aromatherapy
Essential oils are a proven way to reduce an upcoming wave of stress and redirect your focus. Using lavender to help you sleep, rose to relieve anxiety and frankincense for tranquillity and grounding.

Get Moving
Do anything to raise your heart rate. Find an enjoyable activity that works for you, maybe running, walking, yoga or dancing. Enjoying these activities in nature is an added benefit.

Drink Supportive Teas
Sipping herbal teas with relaxing properties such as ginseng, verbena or lemon is recommended to help alleviate fatigue, instil calm into you and elevate your mood.

Yes to Minerals
Magnesium and zinc drastically levels diminish when under stress and are essential for improving your mood. Including foods such as whole grain cereals, legumes, fruit, green leafy vegetables and dark chocolate will increase these minerals and have a positive effect.

You Time
Finding some time out for you to focus on your energy levels can make all the difference in how the Easter time feels. Booking a Yoga Class, massage or holistic treatment or a coffee with a friend can make all the difference in hectic times.

Kim Fletcher