Looking After You: Changing with the Seasons

Looking After You: Changing with the Seasons

Autumn is upon us…

I think we can all agree that the autumnal weather has suddenly fallen upon us and after such an unpredictable summer, if you can call it summer, heading into the darker months can change moods quite considerably. Even though I enjoy these months, I find my pace for life shift.

Here are some of my tips on how the coming seasons can be enjoyed…
~ Book in time to slow down. Planning a day out, a duvet day or massage can do the trick. Remembering it’s in our nature to begin to hibernate and find nourishment to support us during this time.
~ Try something new. Start a new hobby or develop a current one. Often we feel like these months are not very inspiring so to make that extra effort to introduce something new can really lift spirits.
~ Cook good food. One of the bonuses of the cooler months is food feels more comforting, soups and stews can leave you feeling more satisfied.
~ Read that good book that you’ve had sitting on the shelf. Now is the time where curling up on the sofa and diving into a good read is the perfect excuse for giving you that time to escape or self-develop.

All in all this season is your chance to settle and go at that slower pace. Absorb the present moment and really embrace the change of energy.

Safe Stay, Kim

Kim Fletcher