Julian’s Business Tips: Your Business Journey

Julian’s Business Tips: Your Business Journey

Last month’s homework was to think about your long-term objective, your vision.

I describe running a successful business as going on a journey – and you need to lead your team to the right destination. Do you know where you’re going? That destination is your vision.

Once you have decided on your destination, you need to think about the route of your business journey – this is your strategy.
Building on the ‘journey’ metaphor – imagine my business journey is a trip to Devon.

As with any long journey, you know the first part in detail (turn right out of my house, A505, A1(M), etc…), the next part pretty well (follow the M4 to Bristol, then take the M5 south…), and have an overview of the final section (probably the A38/A380 and follow the signs…).

Because you have all the facts you can be detailed about the first part, whereas the latter stages may need to change based on what ‘road’ conditions you find as you get closer.

Now, what resources you will need, and are there external factors that may affect you?
As long as my tyres are good (have I checked them?) they will be fine for the whole journey – but I will need to get extra fuel on the trip if I am going to reach my destination.

In your business, these resources may include needing more staff, premises or cash midway through your journey as the business expands – do you know how or where you might ‘fill up’?
You may also identify a future skills gap later in the journey – so be aware of where to go for help: external advisors or commissioning internal training, perhaps.

Follow this simple guidance, and I hope your business journey will be safe, efficient and enjoyable!