Julian’s Business Tips: Which Time Waster Are You?

I’ve talked about procrastination before; putting things off until later. It’s one of the deadly sins of time management.
Many people don’t realise they do it, so here are 10 different procrastinators – how many do you recognise?

1. The Cleaner: ‘Before I start, I’ll put on some laundry and then I might tidy my desk so I have room to work…’

2. The List Maker: ‘Right! To work! First things first, write another list..!’3. The Napper: ‘Just 5 more minutes… Zzzzz…’

4. The Sidetracker: ‘I know I need to finish that thing that is due tomorrow, but I’ve just had a great idea for the other thing that is due next month…’

5. The Sharer: ‘[Posts] “Here’s a picture of me about to start work!” *smiley face*’

6. The Researcher: ‘I love researching… OMG that video is sooo funny – I wonder if there are more on YouTube?’

7. The Snacker: ‘Brain work uses energy too – maybe I should have a snack before I start… And maybe a coffee… Anyone want to come for a coffee with me?’

8. The Gamer: ‘I’ll start after I take care of some things in my town and, ooh, I wonder if I can get that loot box?’

9. The Viewer: ‘I’m clearly thinking about that programme I missed last night, so I’ll just watch it now on catch-up and then I’ll start work.’

10. The Perpetuator: I was going to start 30 minutes ago, but now it’s getting a little late… So best if I start tomorrow when I am more refreshed.’

Do any of those ring a bell with you? If in doubt – just do it!

(Is it shameful to admit that I’m sitting here typing this, and so not doing something I don’t want to do?)