Julian’s Business Tips: Spring Clean Your Business

It’s March! How can we put a spring in your business step?

You can do a lot worse than treating your business like you might treat yourself.

1. A new wardrobe?

You don’t need to change just because of a time of year but I always think that spring is a great time to critically assess your business ‘look’.

Maybe it’s refreshing your homepage, maybe looking at your flyers, or even just decluttering your office or splashing some fresh paint around.

2. A better social life?

Where do you go, who do you want to meet? Would it be refreshing to try different clubs?

But I’m talking about your social media life. Are you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Do they attract the people you want to attract? Maybe your business would enjoy LinkedIn, Pinterest or Tiktok perhaps?

3. Get out more?

Do you really know what your customers want? And how do you know that?
The best businesses get out and about, and talk to their customers – if you don’t know what they want, how can you be sure you’re giving it to them?

4. Be a better friend?

What can you do to keep your customers loyal and coming back (customer retention is so much cheaper than customer acquisition).

Give them what they want and work hard to keep yourself in the front of their minds when decision-making time comes around.

5. Keep a check on your spending?

Review where your big money is going – is it giving you a return? And maybe have a ring around to see if you can reduce those utility bills. Now do a budget and stick to it!

6. Enjoy yourself

I’ll leave the last word to poet, Christina Rossetti, ‘There is no time like Spring, When life’s alive in everything.’