Julian’s Business Tips: New Year Marketing Movies

Julian’s Business Tips: New Year Marketing Movies

Happy New Year to all of The Listing’s readers.

I’ve watched a lot of TV and videos over Christmas, and it made me think – videos can be a really useful marketing tool!

You only have to look at the incredibly successful (and free!) video-hosting platforms like YouTube or TikTok to realise the potential.

YouTube is massive! It’s the world’s second most visited website (after its owner, Google) with 14 billion monthly visits and almost 700,000 hours of video streamed every minute.

What about TikTok? The world’s most downloaded app for the last three years on the trot. It is used more frequently than Twitter, Pinterest or Snapchat. And UK users watch it more than any other western country.

So the potential audience reach is vast – and they can work particularly well with global audiences.

But obviously, these are incredibly competitive marketplaces, so if your target market isn’t global GenZ, then maybe the TikTok audience isn’t the platform for you – or is it?

It might be. These platforms use algorithms to try and show visitors what they want to see – so to view them as untargeted mass media is doing them a disservice. Think of them more as a huge network of overlapping niche markets – and your job is to create a video that appeals to your desired niche!

Also, 99% of users are on other social media platforms, so use your other media to drive ‘footfall’ towards your key offering!

But be warned, just repeating content on different platforms really doesn’t work. Ultimately it comes down to the attention span of a potential customer on that particular platform, and the quality of your material. Just watch a teenager swiping through social media to realise how hard that task might be!

That’s an article in itself, so join me next month to find out more!