Julian’s Business Tips: A Right Royal Coronation

Julian’s Business Tips: A Right Royal Coronation

This month lots of people will be celebrating the Coronation.

There will be lots of events to enjoy and memorabilia to buy – some businesses will make a lot of money out of this national occasion!

Whilst your business may not be crowning a new corporate Kingpin, there is marketing mileage to be gained by celebrating anniversaries or important events. It can raise your profile with customers or boost team spirit within your staff – or even both!

With a little thought, I bet most of you could find something to have a right royal celebration about – XXX customers? XX years of the company/in this building/of this product line… the list goes on.

When you find something that you think might resonate with your customers or your staff, here are some ideas that I have seen work really well:
• Create a visual timeline of important company milestones throughout your organisation’s journey
• Share anniversary news on your company’s website, social media, and newsletters
• Add a tagline to customer documents (or employees’ email signatures) to celebrate the occasion
• Display early product models and/or display future prototypes to demonstrate where the company is headed
• Collect and display early company photos and artefacts from your company’s history
• Host a celebration for employees, partners, customers and friends
• Send thank-you notes to customers, partners, and staff for helping your organisation achieve this significant milestone
• Offer an exclusive anniversary-themed product
• Invite a local dignitary to make a presentation at your company headquarters
• Highlight long-term customers at an event or in other communication materials
• Donate money or staff time to a local good cause or charity to support your community

If managed well, any one of these can encourage prospects, please customers, motivate staff and, ultimately, boost your business! And that’s really worth celebrating!