Business Profile: Happy 10th Birthday to Glazed Creations

Happy 10th Birthday to Glazed Creations 

For those who may not have heard about Glazed Creations, we are a friendly, relaxed pottery painting studio right on your doorstep, providing an environment for our customers (big and small) to take some time out from life.

One of our favourite conversations in our pottery painting studio is the wall of small tiles as you enter Glazed Creations. It starts out with a question that always brings a smile to our faces when asked ‘Who painted all these tiles’ and the answer is ‘When the studio first opened, we asked our customers to paint them’. I still remember, back in September 2013, when Pip and Christina originally opened Glazed Creations and how excited I was that there was a pottery painting studio…in Royston! Each tile is different and represents the many journeys our customers are on to this day.

This September we are celebrating 10 years of not only pottery painting and creating beautiful keepsakes but also the waves and smiles of those who pass by, the shared laughter and tears, the ‘remember when’ moments, the high fives and little wins, the inquisitiveness and excitement when collecting fired pieces and especially our customers, our studio team and being a part of the local community.

A huge thank you from me, Kelly and our team, for all your continued support over the years.

As part of our 10th birthday celebrations, do keep an eye out for our Glazed Creations Safari Trail, in conjunction with Royston First, during Royston Arts Festival week.

Glazed Creations
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