Friends of Therfield Heath and Greens

Friends of Therfield Heath and Greens

Sun Hill Common was recently mowed, and the grass was collected and taken away to be composted. Part of the Common is regularly kept short so children can use it as a football or play area. Other parts are left and kept as a wildlife area, this too has been cut.

On open land, the grass is usually grazed by wildlife or cattle and sheep. Grazing helps remove both decaying plant life and long grass allowing the soil nutrients to remain the same and less vigorous species to thrive. Cutting and removing the grass has the same effect as grazing. The grass was mowed for free and later collected by John O’Conner Grounds Maintenance Ltd.

Volunteers of the Sun Hill Common group led by Karen Pearson and Conservator Clive Hall worked hard to rake the grass into a very large pile. The Heath takes a lot of maintenance to keep it in a condition that supports such a wide range of biodiversity. If you would like to help with the various work, offer your time and energy and become a volunteer, contact with your details.

Please see the What’s On pages for details of this month’s events. Please note that The Listing incorrectly published the entry fee for our Archaeology Walk last month.

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