Business Profile: Racket Restringing – Badminton – Tennis – Squash

Racket Restringing – Badminton –  Tennis – Squash  

Whatever racket sport you play the strings could be the most important element, you rely on those strings to contact the ball or shuttle, to give you feel-power-and touch. Quality new strings set at a tension to suit your playing style, which should improve your game. A new handle grip can also be of great benefit.

In general, it’s recognised that a racket should have a restring as many times in a year, as times you play in a week.

Increase the life of your strings by not exposing them to extreme heat, cold or damp, keep the racket in its cover, and do protect the head with tape. Surface grit will stick to balls and cut strings, so keep courts swept and balls as clean as possible.

If you suffer from tennis elbow you need a softer tensioned racket—-a softer tension will produce more power, but less control, more durability and comfort.

A tighter tension will give less power but more control, less durability, and less comfort. A restring can cost from £15 to £30 so why not give your racket and your game a new lease of life.

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