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Royston Labels Integration in United Kingdon, Autajon now cover the full customers needs from packaging to labels. 

For the second time in a few months, the Autajon Group is delighted to welcome a new UK company: Royston Labels Ltd. This company reinforces the group local presence and marks a significant milestone in its journey towards excellence and growth.

The British company, founded in 1984 and based in the self-named town near Cambridge, is a main self-adhesive labels player for various market sectors such as cosmetics and toiletries, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, wines, and spirits as well as confectionery and food specialties.

At the core of Royston’s success lies a technical team committed to pushing the boundaries to propose new and innovative solutions to enhance their clients’ labels and brands. It is dedicated to a robust sustainability strategy to offer practical and eco-conscious solutions.

Autajon Labels Royston and our latest integration, Autajon Packaging Simply Cartons, will now join forces to offer a full service from packaging to labelling for UK and beyond.

Shared values of innovation, quality and customer-focused solutions were at the heart of the integration of Autajon Labels Royston. Both organizations understand the importance of staying at the forefront of industry trends and technological advancements. With a deep respect for traditional craftsmanship coupled with an eagerness to embrace cutting-edge digital technologies, the tailored solutions provided meet clients packaging needs on both the technical and sustainability fronts.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for the team at Royston Labels. Joining a family group with the same core values will allow us to continue to support our customers with their complex packaging needs. Maintaining our clients’ branding consistency remains of paramount importance. Therefore, joining Autajon Packaging Simply Cartons will allow us to combine our joint knowledge and expertise to create the highest quality packaging and label solutions. We are looking forward to our integration into the group over the coming weeks” – Paul Clayton, Royston Labels Ltd

“We remain committed to our strategy of global expansion with a strong and end-to-end local presence. With Autajon Labels Royston joining us, we are now able to work alongside our customers on all their packaging challenges: rigid boxes, folding cartons and now labels. We share the same values, a taste for innovation and a perfect understanding of the environmental prerogatives that are an integral part of tomorrow’s packaging. We are eager to see what we can accomplish together in the years ahead.” –  Gérard Autajon

About the Autajon Group

The Autajon Group has been a specialized packaging supplier for almost 60 years. Autajon is established in 12 European countries, in the USA and in Asia (China + South Korea). The French family‐owned Group is represented by 41 companies and more than 4300 employees. The Group produces more than 4.5 billion folding cartons and 21.5 billion labels per year. The Autajon Group works with a panel of high-level customers and meets their requirements thanks to its industrial know‐how, its technical skills, its vast geographical presence, and its progress in the societal and environmental transition.

About Royston Labels Ltd

Royston Labels combine a rich history of label production with a dedicated commitment to sustainable practices.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art production facility and a team of 80 dedicated employees, they produce over 400 million labels annually. They are now capable of meeting customers’ needs for self-adhesive labels in all major markets. They maintain a strong sustainability policy based upon working extensively to repurpose a large part of production waste.

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