Be Sustainable in October

Be Sustainable in October

It’s Unblocktober!

Avoid those fatbergs by being aware of what you flush down the sink and loo. Quit pouring fats, oils and grease, food and a range of other troublesome items down your drain for the whole 31 days. Who needs wet wipes when washable, reusable cloths will do the job and always filter cooled cooking oil to use again.

Sunday, 2nd October is Sustain-Ability! Royston Environmental Group host an event where you can get advice and information on living more sustainably. Here are more details for you:
Friday 4th October is No Disposable Cup Day. Every day in the UK we use more than 7 million disposable cups and over half a million of those are dropped on the floor. To raise awareness of the issue take your reusable, thermal coffee mug to your favourite coffee shop for a nice cup of Fairtrade, organic Java.

This is the time of year to plant bulbs in beds and pots ready for spring flowers, maybe some to give as gifts. After harvesting your autumn crops, sow green manure ready to dig over in early spring.

And some tips for a plastic-free Hallowe’en: Make your own costumes! Or at least avoid buying new by visiting charity shops, borrowing or swapping. Homemade decorations are cute and will be all the more treasured. Use hessian and scraps of wood and metal to create spooky ornaments, with carved pumpkins and bowls of mini squashes and autumn leaves. For your party, plan around finger food with compostable paper napkins, plates and cups. For Trick or Treat take a home decorated canvas or felt bag. Give small apples and cakes as treats and unwrapped sweets in paper bags. Happy Hallowe’en!

Sustain-Ability Team