Weaving in Imaginative Play

Weaving in Imaginative Play

I’m Marion, mum to three kiddos aged four, two-and-a-half and eight months, and I’ve recently written an ebook titled “Weaving in Imaginative Play” about how to encourage imaginative play so parents can gain more freedom throughout the day to do what they need to do.

I’ve experimented with moving toys around, putting theme music on, asking prompting questions…the list goes on! I’m now starting to really enjoy a sense of flow where my children and I come together throughout the day, but we also have lots of moments where they are immersed in their games nearby. Here are a few top tips:

1. Strategic mess – Leave some toys out near you while you’re getting something done. This could look like some Playmobil on the kitchen counter or a doll’s house by your desk. Little invitations to play so your child can be close to you and stumble across their toys. It doesn’t have to look fancy!

2. Toys – Reducing the amount of toys available actually helps children to focus and to stay in the flow of play for longer. Try clearing some out or have a toy rotation. Less is more!

3. Storytelling – Telling a juicy story can spark the start of a new game. Try making it personal by featuring your child as the main character. Then make suggestions for them to play it out.

For more tips and to find my full eBook you can find me on Instagram @marionzielentino and Facebook @marionzielentino