Update from Royston Parish Church

Update from Royston Parish Church

It is pleasing to note that since our last update work on Phase 2 has finally been completed. The major repairs to the arch, which were originally causing the delay, have been finished and, thanks to the skills of the masons carrying out the work, the result is stunning.

We are now concentrating on the final phase of the restoration/refurbishment (Phase 3). With all the work on the higher levels completed all the scaffolding throughout the church has been removed and we can now get an impression of the beauty and the size of the body of the building and of what the final outcome will look like. Despite this there still remains a significant amount of work to do although it does increase the level of excitement in looking forward to having our beautiful house of prayer back as well as a modern welcoming place for the community of Royston.

Currently work is continuing on the excavation of the floor in readiness for the under floor heating and the laying of the stone tiles. All of the stained glass windows have been meticulously cleaned by professionals resulting in them all receiving a new lease of life.

As we have previously reported the cost of the refurbishment, which is in addition to the restoration costs covered by insurers, will be significant and means that, despite the receipt of many generous gifts so far, we will be continuing to fundraise in the coming months which will include, amongst other things, a Quiz Night and a Gift Day. All of this will be shown on our website.

One very successful fund raiser has been the “Sponsor a Chair Scheme” which was advertised recently in The Listing. As a result we have now received donations in excess of £40,000, equivalent to more than 160 chairs. Many thanks to all who have supported us on that. Although we are over half way towards our target of 250 chairs there is still an opportunity to donate this way. The details are on our website as are other ways to donate towards the cost of the refurbishment.

On the worship front we continue to offer two services on a Sunday with a said Eucharist at 9am followed by a sung Eucharist at 10.15am. These take place at Icknield Walk First School with both services proving popular and despite the increase in the number able to attend it remains necessary to continue with a booking system, the details of which are on our website. We also continue to live stream the 10.15am service on our Youtube channel.

We have re-introduced the popular Tea Time Praise service on the first Sunday of the month at 3.30pm which also takes pace at Icknield Walk First School.

We are, of course, approaching Christmas which means that there are additional services at this time which include a Christmas Carol service to be held at King James Academy (Lower school) on Sunday 19th December at 5pm.

There will be the traditional crib service to be held on Christmas Eve at 3.30pm which will be held in the grounds of the church opposite The Banyers

Christmas Day service will be held at Icknield Walk at 10.15am and will be Eucharist with carols. Boxing Day will be a BCP said Eucharist at 9am.

All of these details will be found at www.roystonparishchurch.org.uk.

May we take this opportunity of wishing all you who have been following the progress of our building works a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.