Local Care Home Celebrates with ‘Good’ across the board after CQC rating…

Staff and Residents at Melbourn Springs Care Home of Hyacinth Drive, Melbourn are absolutely thrilled to have passed their very first unannounced Care Quality Commission inspection on the 13th October 2021 – with an overall ‘Good’ rating across the board after being praised for operating a safe, caring, responsive, effective and well-led service.

The extensive report on the home of Barchester Healthcare highlights that the home is promoting a positive culture where staff felt listened to, valued and supported by the management team. Inspectors also learned that staff actively enjoyed working at the home and were there because they wanted to be and because of the high standards and superb care that the company always strives to deliver to each and every resident every single day. 

Inspectors also contacted relatives with one saying, “It’s like a 5-star Hotel! They (staff) look after my (relative) really well, no problems with her care.” And, “After our visit, one of the Senior Carers updated Mum’s paperwork with me and I was very impressed with how thorough and detailed her care plan is.” Whilst another relative goes on to add that, “Mum obviously has a good rapport with the carers, and I can see how well they are looking after her.”

Also documented in the report was that residents were happy living in the service, they felt safe and well looked after, and that the culture and atmosphere were very good. Healthcare professionals confirmed they were assured of the level of cleanliness and care at Melbourn Springs Care Home and had no concerns.

The report found that residents were treated with kindness, compassion, dignity and respect and were encouraged to make their own decisions about compassion, dignity, respect and were encouraged to make their own decisions about what activities to take part in and where to spend their time, keeping them as independent as possible. During the inspection, it was noted that there were different activities taking place, one-to-one support with a staff member, outdoor activities and a quiz. We observed the quiz and it was notably a very enjoyable experience for those who chose to take part. The interaction between people and the staff member was extremely positive. At the end, one person said to the member of staff. “Well, we had a good laugh…And I think we should make up our own quiz for you next time!”

Maria Anghelide, General Manager at Melbourn Springs Care Home said: “We are absolutely thrilled that Melbourn Springs has achieved a ‘Good’ rating following the CQC’s most recent inspection. It is fantastic to have the hard work and dedication of everyone here recognised. We are so pleased to have achieved this together, remaining free of COVID and being the first home in the area to be fully 100% vaccinated too!” Dan Amis, Deputy Manager added, “What a journey we have had! Opening our beautiful home in the middle of a pandemic is something that none of us would have envisaged! It really has been overwhelming with all of the positive feedback and reviews we are receiving and this glowing report makes it all worthwhile. For a new home, this is incredibly hard to achieve and we will not stop here – striving for an outstanding rating as we continue to welcome new residents to our home family permanently and for respite stays too.”

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