Spotlight On… UNCLE

UNCLE is a registered charity based in Royston which principally supports two orphanages in Nepal. The name UNCLE stands for Uplifting Nepal’s Children with Love and Education.

We send £5,000 each quarter to pay for the rent, food, clothing, bedding, heating, cooking and medical costs, indeed everything the children and their carers need to survive. In April every year the academic year starts in Nepal and we then need to find an additional £2,000 to cover school admission, books, paper and pens/pencils, uniforms and shoes.

We have now been in existence for over eight years and, whilst there have been difficulties and funding problems, the last year and a half has been the most challenging.

The two earthquakes of April 2015 resulted in significant damage to one of the orphanages that UNCLE supports in Nepal, but no loss of life or serious injury. The children spent several weeks under canvas as the aftershocks continued. They have slowly readjusted but have been through more than any child should bear and remain fearful of further earthquakes and of their future.
UNCLE has been doing all it can to help with rebuilding their lives and their homes. First, we provided emergency finance which helped not only our children but bought tin roofs and supplies for local villagers even more badly affected.

The cost of the new orphanage was estimated to be over £50,000 (it has now increased to £68,000). Either sum is and was very daunting. UNCLE launched a rebuilding fund and is appealing for help. To date £50,000 has been sent to Nepal and the building is nearing completion. It is hoped that with one last effort the work can be finished and the children can move in.

The building is large and spacious and is finished to a good standard and will provide a clean and pleasant environment for children to grow up in. To complete the job and pay off all the outstanding labour costs will cost another £18,000.

Anyone who wishes to support our Appeal is invited to visit and make a donation. Donations can be sent to Paul Harris, Secretary UNCLE, 20A Mill Road, Royston, Herts SG8 7AE. Cheques are to be made payable to UNCLE.