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1507 AP Village Hall
Abington Pigotts Village Hall

Abington Pigotts is a small but lively village in South West Cambs. Consisting of only 60 houses the only facilities are a rather agreeable pub called the Pig and Abbot, the Church and a Village Hall in dire need of refurbishment.

The Village Hall was given in trust to the village by the grandparents of two of the long-standing village families in 1926. The building was originally just a hall and porch, heated by a fat bellied tortoise stove with a guard all around to stop anyone running into it. It served as the village school until the early 1950s and we still have two residents who were schooled here.
In the 1980s a new kitchen and toilet facilities were added and the heating system was updated to electric; work which was very much done by volunteers as there was very little money in the kitty.
The reality today is that the roof needs replacing and major structural works are needed to keep the hall standing. As a very small community we face a mammoth challenge in raising the tens of thousands of pounds necessary to fund the repairs to the Village Hall in order to keep this invaluable community resource open.

To this end the Village Hall appeal has been launched and a series of fundraising events embarked on. This started back at Christmas when Abington Pigotts was momentarily famous with its living advent calendar, 24 windows of residents houses decorated in the run up to Christmas with an unveiling and village gathering each evening. The event was a roaring success and got attention from local TV.

The fundraising events continue with the village fete to look forward to later in the summer, but before that our next event is the Midsummer soiree on the 23rd June. We have had a lot of help from local businesses and the kind people at South Farm have provided their prestigious venue free of charge and a wonderful evening of music and picnics is planned. Please support this very worthy cause and join us for a relaxing and memorable summer’s evening in beautiful surroundings. All details can be found here:
Keep an eye on the Abington Pigotts website for details of all that’s coming up and how we are getting on with our challenge.

Review:  The Pig & Abbot, Abington Pigotts

Proper Pies at the Pig & Abbot

The Pig & Abbot is truly the centre of the village. The Queen Anne building houses a traditional pub, serving well kept beers (the pub has been recognised in the Good Beer Guide since 2005) and great quality, freshly prepared & home cooked food.

We arrived, hungry from our cycle ride to be welcomed by Pat & Mick. We ordered from the extensive menu and all settled on pie (one fish, one turkey and ham and one steak and kidney). All were magnificent, with extra gravy and lots of well cooked fresh vegetables in the bar.

There is a pleasant dining room which provides comfortable surroundings if you prefer and this may be booked for private parties or business meetings.

A proper pub, with proper food, proper beer and a proper atmosphere – booking is recommended!

01763 853515

A Circular Walk from The Pig & Abbot

The Listing Team cycled this route one sunny June evening…and then we treated ourselves to dinner at The Pig & Abbot!

1 Turn right. Follow the High Street around to the left through the 30 mph signs

2 Keep going along the road, around the s-bend and under the trees. Pass the village sign and carry on up and over the hill

3 The road ahead turns a sharp left then right

4 and arrives at a T-junction opposite Litlington Church

5 Turn left here and left again at the pub

6 Keep to the road and past the brick ‘cage’ or ‘lock-up’ on your right. The road forks ahead; take the left road towards Bassingbourn

7 This long straight stretch can be a little busier but there is a good pavement on the right side. As you enter Bassingbourn, before crossing the Brook, there is a footpath to your left.

8 Take this path through the trees. Here the paths can be a little confusing. Do not turn left onto the path that takes you back to Abington Pigotts but carry straight on, then take a quick right-then-left turn

9 Now there is another quick right-then-left turn and you should be on an uneven road with cottages on your left

10 Take care not to turn right and head towards Bassingbourn. Walk down the uneven road, passing the cottages until you emerge on a public road

11 Turn left here and you should and you should see another straight stretch ahead with one-or-two houses to the left and right. Walk along here until the road bends to the right at a blind corner. A few yards on, turn left at the sign marked ‘Abington Pigotts’

12 There is another blind corner up ahead as the road exits the trees, then keep walking until you enter the village, pass the pond on your right and return to the Pig and Abbot.

Now it’s beer time – you’ve earned it!

Reproduced with kind permission
of The Pig & Abbot. © S Ford