Royston Writers Article

Royston Writers Article

There Are Many Ways Of Getting Lost: The Royston Writers’ Circle Lockdown Anthology…

Royston Writers’ Circle has published a new anthology of stories and poems written during lockdown, available now in paperback and Kindle formats.

Royston Writers Circle Chair Julie Dore said: “The Royston Writers’ Circle has been meeting monthly for over forty years and we weren’t going to let a virus stop us! We held monthly Zoom meetings and did the writing exercises we already had in our programme. Maybe our early stories had more dread and melancholy in them than usual but as time passed they returned to the usual mix of murder, mayhem, and humor. Most importantly we kept writing, communicating and we came out the other side. This book is a testament to our members who have kept RWC going and never gave in.”

Phil Oddy, Secretary, who edited the collection said: “We wanted to put out this book to help us all reflect on the last eighteen months. Very few of the pieces included directly reference the pandemic itself – which will be

a relief to anyone who is sick of hearing about it – but they reflect the hopes, dreams, fears, and frustrations that we’ve all felt in what we hope are interesting and thoughtful ways. There are also several murders and a talking goat, for good measure.”

There Are Many Ways Of Getting Lost features pieces by Davina Calbraith, Steve Calbraith, Julie Dore, Paul Harding, Sheila Harding, Rachel Levy, Maria Lightwood, Mike MacDonald, Maureen Moody, Phil Oddy, David Smith, Ann Thompson, Carolyn Tyrrell-Sheppard, and April Warburton. It is available now at priced £1.99 in Kindle format and £4.99 in paperback.

Royston Writers’ Circle continues to meet, in person, on the third Thursday of the month at Royston Town Hall, and is always happy to welcome new members. Details of the programme for 2022 and contacts can be found at, also join: