Royston Runners encourage patients to go the extra mile…

This year, running club Royston Runners held a series of fundraising events to raise money for their local Hospice, Garden House Hospice Care. By holding raffles at club events, relay races and their annual birthday cake auction, they’ve raised an incredible £2,667

Royston Runners member, Tracey commented:

“We chose Garden House Hospice as our charity of the year because it has supported the families of many of our members. 

“When we heard that that the gym at the Hospice was in need of a treadmill, we jumped at the opportunity to provide the funds for a running machine from our running club.

“The Social Committee have visited several times and have been overwhelmed by the ambience of the Hospice,and the warm welcome.”

The Hospice gym is used by patients on a daily basis, helping to improve their confidence as well as their physical and mental wellbeing.

Members of the club recently visited the Hospice to present the brand new piece of equipment to patients in The Hawthorne Centre, and to see them in action!

Isabel, Garden House Hospice Care volunteer and Royston Runner commented:

“I have volunteered in the gym for 14 months. It is one of the most positive places I know. People are nervous when they first start exercising but very soon they develop the confidence to do that extra minute on the treadmill or to try a heavier weight.

“They support each other, and the social interaction is as important as the exercises they are doing.

The treadmill is one of the most popular machines so when the old one broke our taller patients found it difficult to use the small one that we had.  The new treadmill, provided by Royston Runners, has been a huge success and the people who use the gym love it. “