Royston Heath Conservation

Royston Heath Conservation

You Better Beleaf It!!
We are now moving fully into our Autumn and Winter works program, which means you will see some practical actions happening on the heath. We have a vast number of trees found on the heath and after completing a survey during the summer we are now actioning the recommendations throughout the winter months. There will be some trees which will be felled, no one likes to fell trees however this is all done to ensure the safety of the public and health of the heath habitat, we will also hope to plant to replace each one we lose. We will be creating log piles and wildlife poles at each point where this is possible, so keeping the homes for wildlife and even creating new ones as log piles can support a vast array of wildlife. With the Friend of the Heath group, we have been invited to take part in the Queen’s canopy to celebrate her majesty’s platinum jubilee so there will be further detail coming out about how to take part in this celebration with us.

We will also be carrying out scrub clearance, this is really important as the special meadow grassland the site is internationally important for is at risk. This means removing bushes and tree samples to stop it becoming over pressured with these plants. It may look very drastic at times however it is the only way to protect the meadow and prevent it disappearing forever. We are working with Natural England to ensure the correct levels of biodiversity on the site.

The Listing magazine allows us to connect with everyone in the area on a monthly basis. We encourage those readers to also use our website and Facebook as a great way to access instant messages. Please search “Therfield Heath & Greens” and this will take you to our website and also our Facebook page. Please join us and keep up to date on what is happening and help us celebrate this unique site which is still free to access all year round.

If you see any areas which ask you to take care on the heath please ensure you follow the signs for your own safety.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused with our habitat maintenance and if you have any further enquires please email