Royston Cave Reopens for Summer

Royston Cave is reopening for a brand new season!

In the company of our expert guides, take an unmissable tour and explore this unique, world famous heritage site. Learn about the cave’s secret past and delve into the mysterious world of the Templars.

Royston Cave is an enigma. No records of its age or purpose exist. Some theories suggest it was used by the Knights Templar, others by King James I and the Freemasons.
Discovered by accident in 1742, Royston Cave has continued to baffle visitors for centuries. Man-made and beehive shaped; the cave is cut 25ft into the chalk that underlies Royston’s ancient crossroad, Ermine Street and Icknield Way. Some suggest it is also the site where two ley-lines meet. It is believed that the ley-lines are a powerful source of healing energy and that the cave has been a sacred site for thousands of years.

The cave contains an extensive range of wall carvings representing the Crucifixion, the Holy Family and several saints including St Katherine, St Laurence and St Christopher. Elsewhere are figures of a horse and an Earth Goddess, believed to be Pagan symbols for fertility. Beside the carvings, the cave was found containing a human skull and fragments of a drinking vessel.
20th April – 28th September Open every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday (including Wednesdays in August). For tour times, ticket prices and visitor information visit