Royston Cave 2022: A Year of Discovery

Royston Cave 2022: A Year of Discovery

This month, things are getting a little ooky-spooky at Royston Cave.

Many believe that the Friday 13th superstition relates to the persecution of the Knights Templar, a religious and military order formed in c. 1119 to protect pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land, who became hugely wealthy and influential throughout Europe. They were declared heretics by the Pope and the King of France on Friday 13th October, 1307, and were subsequently imprisoned and tortured.
While the 13th October doesn’t fall on a Friday this year, we’ll be marking the date of their downfall with one of our most comprehensive articles to date.

Learn about the rise of the Templars, their involvement in the Crusades and their sudden and violent demise, and uncover modern conspiracies about one of history’s most intriguing groups.

We’ll also be exploring the popular theory that Royston Cave was used by the Templars as a place of worship by discovering the carvings with possible Templar connections and investigating the group’s links to Royston, its medieval market and surrounding area, like the stronghold they held at Baldock.

Plus, we’re launching a brand new event! Led by your ghostly Templar guide, join us underground on Monday 31st October for a Halloween spectacular and experience an evening of spooky stories about the curious figures from Royston’s shadowy past! Limited availability.

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