Royston Cave, 2022: A Year of Discovery Continuing Royston Cave’s ‘Year of Discovery’…

Royston Cave, 2022: A Year of Discovery Continuing Royston Cave’s ‘Year of Discovery’…

Last month, we celebrated the anniversary of the cave’s discovery with a special open day, free to readers of The Listing.

Thank you to everybody who came and celebrated with us. It was lovely to welcome so many people from Royston to the cave, most of whom had lived here many years and hadn’t been yet. It’s true when they say that we don’t make as much effort to see the things on our doorstep.

This month in our Year of Discovery, we’ll be publishing an article all about Therfield Heath, its flora, fauna and history, including its bronze age burial mounds and claim to fame as the site of the first recorded game of golf in England! We’ll also be paying tribute to Sylvia Beamon with a special article dedicated to her theories and work on the cave. Sylvia first visited Royston Cave in the 1960s. Unconvinced by the prevailing theories, Sylvia began her own investigations. This was the start of five decades worth of research. Sylvia undertook the first recorded excavation of the cave floor; published ‘Royston Cave: Used by Saints or Sinners?’, which remains the go-to for further reading; and researched so extensively that her resources continue to aid our understanding today. Her theory that it was connected to the Knights Templar transformed public opinion, increased awareness of the cave and improved its popularity.

We’re fast approaching the end of our 2022 cave season! We close our doors on 25th September, so make sure to visit while you can. Pre-book your tour at

Royston Cave open every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday until 25th September.