Remarkable Weight Loss Success by Molly Schneider

I joined Slimming World in July and I have lost 4 Stone in six months. When I first joined my baby was only 3 and a half months and I was so crippled by my weight I couldn’t even carry him around the house without horrendous back pain. Now I am training for a 10K charity run for Alzheimer’s and I have completely changed my life!

I was 16 Stone when I joined and now at 11st 12lbs I have just 10lbs to get me into a healthy BMI! I lost 60lbs in 6 months and I feel like a new woman! Ive dropped almost 4 dress sizes! I have been sharing my story and journey on my social media platforms and I just want to reach out and inspire more people to start their own weightloss journeys.

Since I started posting my before and after photos I have had so many people email and message me saying that they have now started losing weight and getting healthy!

I cant believe how far I have come but I still have another 3 stone to lose – when I get to my target I will be 7 Stone lighter and I’ll have lost 100lbs.

To follow my journey, follow me on Instagram at @mollysjourney_sw