The Pasque Flower Walk

Why not venture out for a walk this Easter to see the Pasque Flowers?

The Pasque Flower is a very rare plant in the wild and Therfield Heath has one of the largest populations of them all, up to 60,000.

Pulsatilla Vulgaris is the rather uninspiring name for the bright purple and yellow flower featured on our cover this month. It’s more commonly known as Pasque Flower and, rather more excitingly, as Dane’s Blood.

The Pasque Flower is the county flower of Hertfordshire and it blooms in late March / early May on the well drained chalky soil of Church Hill on Therfield Heath. Its name means “like Paschal” or of Easter and legend tells that it springs from the blood of dead Vikings! This fable may well have developed as it grows in the undisturbed soil of ancient barrows – like the ones that can be found on our very own rolling heathland. This site is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a Local Nature reserve and one of the largest colonies of this rare plant. 

Why not venture out to see them and follow this walk and pop into the Fox and Duck at Therfield or The Heath Cafe, Royston (or both) for a pint or bite to eat?  

This route was printed with the kind permission of Great Shelford Parish Council.