Out and About: Shepreth Wildlife Park

Out and About: Shepreth Wildlife Park

Welcome to the Wildlife Walk!

Shepreth Wildlife Park is pleased to be able to finally invite their much-loved visitors back to enjoy their luscious green surroundings and lakes, whilst taking in the sights and sounds of a variety of beautiful and exotic species. Join them on their new socially-distanced ‘Wildlife Walk’, which has been designed to take in every fascinating insect, every vibrant feathery bird and every furry four-legged mammal. For now the indoor and outdoor play areas remain closed, as does the Nocturnal House and Discovery Centre for your safety, but there is still much to see and enjoy as you traverse the winding pathways coming face to face with fiery Sumatran tigers, watching cheeky capuchins forage for their hidden fruits, while admiring the calmness and tranquility of the dozing red panda high up in their trees.
Having faced losses of nearly half a million pounds since closing its doors back in March, the park faced a second nail in its coffin when the government announced all zoos and aquariums were to remain closed late in May. Having secured large loans in order to survive while they had no income, the park was aided by the goodwill of its supporters through their generous donations and online animal adoption purchases throughout this time.

Luckily for Shepreth and other animal collections, this guidance was reversed and the Wildlife Park could prepare for the extensive changes required in order to reopen safely, which included spraying a spaced paw print all the way around a one-way route.

But it has all been thanks to both the hard working team continually caring for the animals during lockdown and the incredible support from the membership, visitors and companies across the region who have been over-whelmingly generous with their donations to help keep the animals fed while this conservation centre was unable to meet bills usually met by the admission income generated.

If you would like to experience the Wildlife Walk for yourself, please book your tickets online at: www.sheprethwildlifepark.co.uk/your-visit-during-covid-19/

If you would like to help support the wildlife park and its animals, details can be found at this link: www.sheprethwildlifepark.co.uk/product/donation/