News From The Conservators: New Permit Requirements

We will shortly release dates for the next set of volunteer work parties.

In the meantime, the Friends will have run a fundraising quiz on 24th January at the Heath Cafe and a litter pick is planned for February. Our AGM will be on Wednesday 19th February, 7pm at King James Academy Hall, Junior Site.

In line with other sites around the country, any commercial activity that takes place on Therfield Heath is subject to a charge. The first two permits we are formalising are the Commercial Dog Walker permit and the Outdoor Fitness permit.We work hard to ensure the Heath continues to receive the funding it needs for us to maintain it for everyone, but it receives no funding from any local authority, so it falls to the tenants and users of the site to fund it. The sports clubs who use the heath already pay for their use.

The permits also mean that:
• those using the site for commercial gain are contributing to the costs of maintaining the site
• we can ensure that permit holders hold appropriate qualifications (if appropriate) and liability insurance
• we are able to produce and promote a list of permit holders
• if necessary, we are able to remove permits (and the associated promotion) of any holder who acts inappropriately
• the site is protected from misuse and in sensitive areas, from overuse
• access to and use of public open space is preserved for all visitors