News From The Conservators: January 2020

Report on the Open Meeting of the Conservators of Therfield Heath and Greens, 3rd Dec 2019, Royston Town Hall

The meeting was attended by approximately 60 members of the public who heard presentations from the Conservators as well as Robert Law (who grazes the Heath) and the Friends of Therfield Heath.

Topics covered included fundraising, the accounts, grazing, the visitor survey and working with Natural England as well as permits and the new logo

Questions were taken following each topic.

It was announced that from January 2020, all those walking dogs on Therfield Heath for commercial gain will be expected to have bought a permit and all those running any form of outdoor fitness classes on site will need to do the same. The idea was positively received by the meeting. Further information and application forms are on the website

The new logo for the Conservators was unveiled. A competition was held at King James Academy and the winner Charlotte Lan came to the meeting to be congratulated and to see how her design had been worked into a logo by a local artist.

In addition from cash and cheque donations users of the Heath will be able to make online donations from January with a link on our website. The attached shows Charlotte’s original design, the proposed logo and a version for a car sticker for commercial users and regular donators.

The next meeting will be the Annual General Meeting held in February, where elections also take place for one stintholder representative and one representative for the Special Drainage District of Royston. The date will be announced in the new year.