My Local Life – Steve & Mary Griffiths

Meet the owners of New Dawn.

Steve and Mary Griffiths are skilled manufacturers of quality bespoke curtains and blinds. They have been making curtains for a well-known partnership and local people for almost 20 years. They are also experts in soft furnishing design.

Where do you live?
Kneesworth – Originally we hailed from Worcester and Warwickshire but now Hertfordshire is our home and we love it here.

What’s your favourite local place to eat?
We love Yuva Restaurant in Kneesworth. It’s just round the corner from us and serves the most amazing food . We do walk there but sometimes could do with a Taxi home!

What is your favourite local annual event?
The Cambridge Show and the Great Gransden shows are always on our list. Great atmosphere with lots to do, and lovely food stalls

What was the last film you watched together?
Mmm tough one that. I watch them but Steve falls asleep, and then we have to rewind them and watch the end . The best one we watched was Frozen when Steve asked after 5 minutes “Are they going to sing all the way through?” Musicals are not his favourite.

What is your favourite way to spend a Saturday?
Mostly we work, but when we do get time out, we like cycling, walking the mutts Milly & Tilly and, when we can, spending time with family and our grandson Dylan. Steve also has a man shed with trains in it…

What do you love about your work?
The variety is great and meeting wonderful people from all walks of life. Also being able to produce our own bespoke products in our own workroom, run brilliantly by Jenny our Workroom manager. Charlene, Steve’s daughter and my wonderful step daughter, is keeping us busy with her Leicester branch of New Dawn, and we get to spend time with her when we are fitting for her so feel very lucky.

What are you looking forward to most this September?
Mary: I’m off to Burghley Horse trials with the girls!
Steve: Perhaps a sneaky break away somewhere…

What’s top of your Bucket List?
Mary: To one day go to Colorado and spend time on a ranch . I ticked one off this year when Charlene and I rode on the beach in Cornwall and that was amazing!
Steve: To see the Grand Canyon – that’s it!

Who do you most admire?
Mary: Steve would love me to say him! There are so many people who face so many things on a daily basis and I admire them for their courage. Also my mum who is an amazing lady at 85 – I know she won’t mind me saying that.
Steve: Obviously the wife!

We are a family run business owned by Mary and Steve Griffiths. We have both worked in the local curtain and blind industry for over 30 years. Steve started as a fitter in Melbourn in 1984 and Mary as a fabric cutter in Potton in 1987. We wanted to focus on giving high-quality customer service which we are both passionate about and so opened our own business ten years later. In 2014 we were delighted to buy the local business New Dawn.

We invite you to come along and meet our team at our new showroom and workroom situated between Royston and Bassingbourn. We will make you a cuppa while you browse fabrics and blinds and even see where we make some of our products, including the all new Allusion blinds. For the more technically-minded, you can literally come and play with Steve’s automated blinds!

We are the local exclusive Luxaflex Inspiration dealer for this market-leading brand, which means you can see their whole blind range at our showroom.

We are proud of our reputation for creating beautiful bespoke curtains and blinds, with most of our clients being referred to us or coming back time and time again through-out the years. Our reputation is backed up by our minimum three-year guarantee on our products and service.

Book your personal appointment time with us and we look forward to making you that cuppa! If you can’t get to us don’t worry as we will of course come to you.

New Dawn Blinds
01763 243 894